Yogi Lodge


The Yogi-Lodge Health Resort is a unique place embedded in a high-quality natural landscape, surrounded by mountains and forest, near the sea. A time out in this healing atmosphere creates a counterbalance to the stresses of today, and works on the three levels of body, mind and soul.
The spacious wellness-spa available to all guests is designed for people who want to find their way to health through holistic therapy. A dedicated interdisciplinary team of expert therapists from the areas of Ayurveda, osteopathy, homeopathy,
acupuncture and yoga offers individual treatments tailored to the personal situation.
Embedded in a shady cork oak forest are 25 lovingly and high-quality, spacious eco-houses and apartments with an individual outdoor terrace and pool. Local, natural materials like timber and ecological construction promote a unique harmony with the
surrounding park.

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Architektur: Arch DI Andrea Spöcker | Arch DipArc Christoph Kalb